KOPD Boxing Program

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Getting Started

Is this program suited for me?

We understand that People with Parkinson’s (PWP) have varying levels of fitness, balance and co-ordination caused by Parkinson’s Disease (PD). So our KOPD Boxing Program has Four (4) levels of progressions. We will assess you on the day to determine the level that best suits you.
KOPD Boxing Program is a Non Contact exercise program, you will be punching bags and focus its.

Do I need any experience?

There is no experience necessary however we request that your GP or Neurologist fill in a medical assessment form (sent to you in our pack).
If your carer is required to participate to assist there is a form attached as well.

How does it really help?

Research is increasingly showing the huge benefits that exercise programs such as KOPD Boxing Program deliver in a relatively short period to People with Parkinson’s (PwP’s). In fact, there is a growing number of specialist neurologists who prescribe exercise such as KOPD Boxing Program immediately after diagnosis and before medication is introduced.
(Articles supporting this will be sent in the information pack once you register).

Do I need an assistant?

The KOPD Boxing Program encourages carers to participate in the session at no extra charge. Depending on your grading, having a carer with you may be compulsory. If the carer does not wish to participate, they can socialise amongst themselves whilst classes are on. Carers may only participate at no charge when accompanying a PwP. Only PwP’s can join the program. Carers who wish to participate with their PwP must submit a Carers Medical Assessment and a Waiver and Release of Liability Form.

5. Do I need to bring anything?
  1. Please wear shorts/tracksuit pants and a t-shirt, clothing you would typically exercise in.
  2. Bring a reusable water bottle, preferably a bottle with an in-built stopper / straw mechanism. These are much easier to use when you have gloves on (no need to screw / unscrew tops).
  3. Bring a beach or bath towel.
6. Where are you located?

KOPD Boxing Program Chatswood is located at Vt1 Academy in Chatswood. Entry is via Warehouse 6, 175 Lower Gibbes St, Chatswood. (Please refer to the map and detailed instructions in an information pack that will be sent to you).

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