KOPD Boxing Program

Meet Our Team

Our coaches are not only physically capable but bring to their sessions a highly intelligent approach.

Adrian Unger – facilitator

As a retired pharmacist, and having cared for his father who had Parkinson’s disease, Adrian was familiar with the pharmaceutical road-map of Pd when he himself was diagnosed at age 58. Year after year, Adrian became increasingly astonished that his symptoms were so minimal.

He had started boxing for fitness eight years before his diagnosis, and has since found mounting research of the benefits of boxing for neuro-degenerative diseases. Adrian established the KOPD Boxing Program in 2014, helping fellow Pd sufferers stablise their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Adrian established the KOPD Boxing Program in 2014, helping fellow Pd sufferers stabilize their symptoms and improve their quality of life. He is now working with a team to implement the Train the Trainers program, so that KOPD Boxing Program can be run in other communities.

Adrian’s mantra is; “People with Parkinson’s disease can’t YET win the war against the disease but we can win the battles and that brings us hope.”

Dylan Resnekov

Dylan (Rhino) Resnekov is one of the Co-Founders of KOPD Boxing Program along with Adrian. He has been coaching for 15 years and  with Adrian; created the KOPD Level 1 Trainers Course to help spread the KOPD message.

He holds NSW, Australian and World Champion Titles in various martial arts but no longer competes. He has fought in Thailand, Cyprus and Jamaica.

After retiring from fighting, Dylan became a Kru (teacher) in the ancient art of Muay Thai and has been focusing on the KOPD Boxing Program and producing UFC Competitors, State and Australian Champions.

He is the co-owner of VT1 Academy and takes a small group to Thailand every year to learn, travel and experience the birthplace of Muay Thai.

His motto is: “There are no obstacles that can’t be overcome with hard work, intelligence and heart.”

Jordan Wehrman

Jordan is an American who has been doing Muay Thai since he was 17 and has fought over 40 fights in a number of countries including Thailand where he lived in Bangkok for a year. His fight name is Jolly Jordan and this gives an idea of his personality.

Jordan loves to work at KOPD Boxing Program and in-between his PHD study he specializes in working with people with disabilities. One of his greatest accomplishments besides his work at KOPD is helping a young boy with Posterior Fossa Syndrome re-learn to walk and speak.

Although martial arts has been an integral part of his life he also values higher education, having completed two degrees plus a Master’s degree in research methodologies and another in speech pathology. He includes what he has learned in his Speech Pathology courses into his KOPD Boxing Program classes whenever applicable. He is a great believer in communication and believes that KOPD Boxing Program offers people both physical and psycho-social benefits. You won't have any problem hearing Jordan giving instructions even when the music is very loud!
Jordan is currently studying for his PhD on how people perceive time.

Chris Drummond

Chris Drummond is a 23 year old Tasmanian professional Mixed Martial Artist / Muay Thai fighter as well as a Coach / Personal trainer.
He has had a total of 17 professional fights and has been coaching for about 5 years.

Chris started fighting as a 16 year old and started working as an electrical apprentice but decided to take on full time fighting and coaching. At VT1 he has been coaching Muay Thai, MMA, boxing and KOPD Boxing Program and loving every moment of it. He finds coaching classes very rewarding, has met many great people in Sydney as he continues to learn. The PP’s love his energy, humour and knowledge that he brings to the sessions.

Facilities at VT1 Academy

The gym comprise 4 levels. The KOPD Boxing Program is conducted on the lowest level adjacent to the large carpark. This offers easy access (without any stairs) for students of the KOPD Boxing Program. There is a toilet for the disabled as well as a regular toilet, a boxing ring and a large floor space with plenty of varied equipment necessary for the program.