KOPD Boxing Program


Would you like to become a volunteer?

The KOPD Boxing Program welcomes volunteers. By volunteering in our exercise program as an assistant to a 'boxer', you will provide valuable encouragement, focus and in some cases, physical assistance.

An assistant may be a friend, a family member, a member of a gym or a member of the general public who is willing to provide their time for such a worthy cause.

As some carers prefer not to help in the class (it is their chance to obtain 90 minutes respite), we require volunteers to step in and help our ‘boxers’.

A student is graded first and depending on their balance and capabilities will receive a grade of 1, 2 3 or 4.

Those who receive a grading score of 3 may require an assistant. All students graded as a 4, must have an assistant to support them throughout the session.

An assistant's tasks may involve holding up focus mitts, helping a student balance or whatever is required for the 'boxer' to participate in their exercises. Some ‘boxers’ are required to wear a purpose-made belt or harness which is held by an assistant to prevent the ‘boxer’ from having a fall.


All volunteers must successfully complete a short course so that they have some understanding about Parkinson’s disease, its symptoms and how it effects our ‘boxers’.

Volunteers require empathy, compassion and patience.

Volunteering with KOPD Boxing Program can sometimes be confronting but is also very rewarding. Please Contact us below if you would like to become a volunteer.

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